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Fire Suppression

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Fluid Maintenance Australia (FMA) has established itself as Registered Training Organisation providing Nationally Recognised Training and assessment packages. FMA currently offers the CPPFES2020A and CPPFES2027A Units of Competency.

These Units of Competency are delivered in accordance with National and Local Vocational and Education Training guidelines and provide credit towards a Certificate II qualification.

FMA has developed these training packages to provide industry leading training from professionals in the fire protection to learners wishing to enter the fire protection industry. Specifically we address key industry shortages with the fire protection industry relating to mining equipment maintenance.

If you have the desire or need to complete nationally recognised training in this field please contact our training department to see how we can meet your training needs. We provide the following:

Metropolitan Based Training

Training centre conveniently located in our Jandakot office.

Hands On

Our training courses offer practical and relevant knowledge.

Tailored Training

Training courses are tailored to the needs of you or your business.

Remote Area Training

If you are based regionally or on site our instructors can come to you.


Up to date training material, facilities and equipment.


Our trainers have the competency that comes with current industry experience.

Outcomes and Pathways

An overview of what students can expect to achieve on completion of courses offered by FMA.

Policies and Procedures

A list of policy and procedure documents for FMA training courses.

Booking T&C;

Terms and conditions related to booking training courses with FMA.

USI Information

Information about government issued unique student identifiers.